How to Join

  • Show up for practice (map) and ask a coach for a two-week trial. The coach will ask you about your swimming background and level and suggest a lane for you to try out. Your lanemates will be helpful in providing additional information.
  • Join by filling out the team registration form and paying your dues either by check (made payable to the UB Foundation), which saves the team money, or online (see below for amounts).
  • Independent Health Members can use their Health Extras Card. Our registration site is ready to accept Health Plus cards. Please follow the instructions to register online and use the card as you would a normal credit card.
  • Join USMS — this is mandatory for all participants.
  • Join the team Facebook group!

Annual Team Fee

Annual membership: $425 for 3-5 workouts/week or $315 for 1-2 workouts/week
Single-term membership: $225 for 3-5 workouts/week or $185 for 1-2 workouts/week
Daily drop-in fee (cash on deck only) $10

Annual memberships are always due on or before October 1st. Single Term Fees are due October 1, February 1, and June 1.

Pay your dues either by check made payable to the UB Foundation or online

In conjunction with dues, you must keep your USMS membership up to date. 2019 USMS registration is available November 1.

When you register with USMS please be sure to register in the Niagara LMSC and under the team NICK – Nickel City Splash.

Swimmers who join the team mid-season will have their first dues payment pro-rated until the next annual or seasonal due date.